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Craving Cocktail Drinks? 7 Exotic and Refreshing Cocktail Drinks That You Must Indulge In This Summer

In sweltering summers, cocktail mixed drinks have only one goal: to cool you down. We’re talking about cool in the most literal meaning of the word. Soft breezes, salty seaside splashes, and the crisp air from air conditioners are all cool. Cool, like the hose water in that inflatable pool, you may or may not […]

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How COVID-19 Changed the Way People Dine, and How Sunset Grill Hollywood Adapted & Overcame

The pandemic we are currently trenching through has brought changes to our habits, our routines, and our lives in general. Most of us made the leap to online platforms for shopping and communication. Once the initial chaos of re-organizing our lives settled down, we started to develop some healthy habits such as taking time to […]

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The Famous Sunset Grill Hollywood

The original Sunset Grill opened in 1957 on Sunset Blvd and immediately became popular in Hollywood, Los Angeles for its’ fine burgers and friendly Hollywood Restaurant service. The original owner, Joe Froelich, emigrated from Vienna with his family. He was referred to as “The old man from the old world” in Don Henley’s famous 1984 […]

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