Craving Cocktail Drinks? 7 Exotic and Refreshing Cocktail Drinks That You Must Indulge In This Summer

In sweltering summers, cocktail mixed drinks have only one goal: to cool you down.
We’re talking about cool in the most literal meaning of the word. Soft breezes, salty
seaside splashes, and the crisp air from air conditioners are all cool. Cool, like the hose
water in that inflatable pool, you may or may not have panicked-bought as you planned a
summer of at least partial seclusion. That’s the kind of cool a powerful CHIMICHANGAi
or a SPICY 50 with fresh mint blast will bring to your evening. It’s in a lot of rum mixed
drinks recipes, especially the frozen ones like the Pina Colada, Mojito and Pain Killer. It’s
what makes those summertime tequila staples (oh yeah, Margarita season) so delightful.
We know how to make margarita mixed drinks.

So without much ado, let’s straight get to the list of our top seven summer cocktail
beverages meant to freshen you up and offer you some good mixed drinks, respite from
the scorching heat.


Chimichangas are a type of deep-fried burritos quite popular in Texas-Mexico and other
Southwestern American cuisines. However, the CHIMICHANGA cocktail brings another
sort of punch that is sure to invigorate you and offer respite from the heat.
The must-try Hollywood favorite has an amazing taste than most good alcoholic drinks.
All that you require in the name of ingredients include mezcal, fresh lemon juice, honey,
tabasco, topped with Italian Limonata. Don’t forget to try this out and treat your peers in
your next gathering.


There are numerous well-known and excellent mixed drinks in Italy. Wines such as
Barolo, Chianti, and Super Tuscans are a prominent few.  Peroni, for example, is a
popular Italian beer. Nothing, however, can lay claim to being “Italy’s drink” like the
Aperol Spritz—a low-alcohol cocktail. Aperol is a semi-sweet, mildly bitter aperitif from
northern Italy with an alcohol content of 11% by volume.
Three parts prosecco, 2 parts Aperol, and one pour of soda water make up the Aperol
Spritz. Combine all of the good mixed drink ingredients into an ice-filled wine glass, top
with an orange slice, and Voila! You’ve got yourself Italy’s most popular cocktail.  


Ever wonder, what is a fruity drink to order at a cocktail party? Well this delightful
prosecco cocktail is best enjoyed while watching a Tropical sunset, but truth to be told,
DOWN AT SUNSET GRILL is one of the most soothing cocktail blends that can be
appreciated at any time of day, beating the heat and offering the best kind of refreshment.
All that it takes is three parts prosecco, freshly chopped mint, St. German, topped with a
punch of soda and elegantly garnished with lime wheels to create this calming blend.


A cool and refreshing bulleit bourbon citrus long drink liquer cocktail mix beverage
is perfect for the end of summer. Beyond being one of the best bourbon cocktail drinks
ever,PITCHFORK is also ridiculously easy to make. Simply simmer clean, fresh hay
(from a freshly cut field or the pet store) in a 50:50 sugar syrup; if that fails, substitute
green tea. Top it up with Bulleit bourbon, Giffard Pamplemousse, Taylor fladgate towny
port, fresh lemon juice, and egg white create a nice and smooth blend. Cap with cider and
embellish with the dried fruits to serve.


With a CV that boasts creating cocktails for presidents and nobility, as well as a 2012
Guinness World Record for the world’s most costly drink, it’s no coincidence that
beverage master Salvatore Calabrese has a legacy that’s classic and spirited, like his
inventive concoctions. This specific mix, which was a fan favourite at Calabrese’s former
London bar FIFTY, has a sweet and spicy flavour that goes great with Asian fusion

Calabrese writes, “Heat is a sense that is impossible to conceal.” “This cocktail is so
wonderfully constructed that it starts with sweetness, follows up with citrus overtones,
and then a tinge of chile sneaks in at the end to give it a distinct flavour.”

The magical ingredients that you need to make your very own version of Spicy 50
concoction include absolut vanilla vodka, freshly cut lime juice, elderflower, chilli, and
pressed apple juice, and you are all set to sway and wade off your summer blues.


A Cucumber Cosmo is made from organic cucumber vodka, elderflower, fresh lime juice,
triple sec, green apple puree, and cranberry. This cucumber cocktail is a super light and
refreshing take on the classic pink cosmopolitan!

A cucumber cosmopolitan incorporates the same ingredients as a normal cosmo, but
instead of citrus vodka, cucumber vodka is used. Effen Cucumber vodka is easily
accessible and tastes the best in good mixed drinks. Also, for the best flavour, we suggest
using 100% cranberry juice and not cranberry cocktail juice.

Don’t be startled if the addition of cucumber vodka to a cosmo throws you off. It has a
crisp, fresh aftertaste with a hint of herbal essence that complements the cranberry orange
flavour well. The essence isn’t overbearing, and we think that’s what makes cosmo
cocktails a lot more fun to have, especially to beat off sweltering summers!


The very berry cosmo is a wonderful fruit cocktail drink with a relish of your favourite
Açai-Blueberry Vodka. It’s a savoury blueberry vodka, and the inclusion of açai berries
gives it a distinct and fascinating flavour that pairs well with this martini.

The original cosmo pales in contrast to this cocktail drink (albeit it’s still a tasty drink).
The berries from the vodka are combined with the black raspberries from Chambord to
make an amazing “very berry” cocktail drink. It has just the right amount of fruit
sweetness, making it receptive and attractive to a wide range of palates.

The cocktail has got a distinctive and stunning dark purple colour that is perfect for
events like Halloween when you want to savour a  dark and mysterious drink. It’s also a
wonderful match for bright, joyful occasions like the summer  holidays.

Vodka, wild berry/ blueberry puree, fresh lime juice, bitters, topped with Bundaberg
ginger beer are some of the assorted ingredients that go in the making of your
berrylicious concoction.

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