The original Sunset Grill opened in 1957 on Sunset Blvd and immediately became popular in Hollywood, Los Angeles for its’ fine burgers and friendly Hollywood Restaurant service. The original owner, Joe Froelich, emigrated from Vienna with his family. He was referred to as “The old man from the old world” in Don Henley’s famous 1984 song “Down at the Sunset Grill.” Joe was well known among famous celebrities for his burgers (especially the double Chili Cheese Burger!) and customer service. Don Henley’s song was heard at many restaurants in Hollywood from Hollywood Blvd to Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood to the East Hollywoods, and even to the shores of Santa Monica.

Sunset Grill in 1957

There were old wrecked Dodge vehicles parked alongside the celebrity’s newest Mercedes and Cadillacs because everyone wanted to be a part of the legendary eatery in Hollywood Los Angeles. For a while, members of Guns N’ Roses lived behind Sunset Grill in the storage on Sunset Blvd and rehearsed behind the Hollywood restaurant and were regulars of the then Los Angeles cultic hangout spot even after becoming famous. Over the past 62 years, Sunset Grill was infamous for Celebrity spotting as numerous famous musicians passed through the essential Hollywood restaurant doors and it’s been consistently popular with customers stating “food was delicious!”

In 1998, Joe sold the 1957 Rock N’ Roll Landmark burger joint business on Sunset Boulevard right next door to the Hollywood Guitar Center. The perfect location that allowed for famous musicians to grab some quick bites as they bought new instruments to rock out!

New management took over the famous Sunset Blvd restaurant in August 2019, we decided to restore the legendary Hollywood restaurant Sunset Grill to its original ambiance while adding a second-story floor and giving it a modern style of food and drink. The lower level of Sunset Grill is an over-the-counter service to get quick bites and the upper level is an indoor/outdoor restaurant that has our cocktail bars and fully stock wine bar to ensure a great time with a great view of Sunset Boulevard.

We focus on affordable fast service food with the feeling of fine dining and even a location where one can have a good business meeting at. With a view overlooking Sunset Boulevard, a fully stocked wine bar, and one of the best happy hour cocktail bars available at an affordable price, makes Sunset Grill is the location to dine in Los Angeles.

The tasting menu remains the same: Classic American cuisine made with the highest quality foods at affordable prices. We serve everything from French Toast, Chicken sandwiches, Hot Dogs to filet mignon for your business meetings and or intimate dates. We focus on pleasing all food cravings to even include our vegetarian friends. No matter what food you choose we treat you like any fine dining restaurant would treat celebrities.

In addition to our friendly and relaxed service, great food and drink prices, happy hour, and a serious interior design makeover with old relics creates the perfect essential Hollywood restaurant atmosphere that will get you ready for all the city guides in Hollywood Blvd. The ‘New’ Sunset Grill in Hollywood Los Angeles is the ideal place where people still share the same bar stools with celebrities as they enjoy living the Hollywood Life without the Hollywood price!